He got fired. Now he's worth millions (ft. Andrew Gazdecki)

Get ready for the first episode of Up Next! We're chatting with Andrew Gazdecki, a guy who went from being fired to making millions as an entrepreneur. He spills the tea on college, mentorship, and the rollercoaster ride of building (& selling) his first startup, BiznessApps. Plus, find out how it felt when that crazy multi-million-dollar payout hit his bank account 🤯

Andrew's got tons of advice for you, like whether college is worth it, how to build an online presence, how to score a job, and what he thinks most entrepreneurs get wrong. He shares why he keeps starting companies and talks about his current project, Acquire.com, where he's helped sell over $1b worth of businesses. Tune in now to hear Andrew's take on success, life, and the best decisions he's ever made.

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Resources mentioned:

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:48) - Andrew's job
  • (02:15) - Dream job as a kid
  • (02:36) - Andrew at high school & college
  • (06:03) - Is college worth it?
  • (09:41) - Mentorship
  • (14:44) - Building BiznessApps
  • (19:31) - His motivation
  • (22:08) - Selling BiznessApps
  • (24:04) - Relationship w/ money
  • (30:11) - Writing
  • (32:27) - Should you build a personal brand?
  • (36:16) - Buidling Acquire.com
  • (50:03) - How to get hired
  • (53:50) - Is he successful?
  • (56:53) - His 2 best decisions
  • (58:39) - Conclusion
  • (59:10) - Outro

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Creators and Guests

Andrew Gazdecki
Andrew Gazdecki
CEO of acquire.com, Former CEO of Bizness Apps & Altcoin (both acquired). EIR at @500GlobalVC. Occasionally write for @entrepreneur and @forbes.
He got fired. Now he's worth millions (ft. Andrew Gazdecki)
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