Express: What he'd tell his 18yo self (ft. Andrew Gazdecki)

Paul Scherer: What was your dream job as a kid?

Andrew Gazdecki: I actually wanted to be CEO of a, of a business pretty early. Kinda weird. Most people wanna be like professional athletes and stuff, but.

From an early age, I always like business and stuff like that.

Paul Scherer: What is your favorite book?

Andrew Gazdecki: To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink, or How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis, which has a terrible name, but uh, To Sell is Human because it's just a really good kind of viewpoint into sales. You know, sales is more helping than selling and no one likes being sold to.

And then, uh, how To Get Rich by Felix Dennis is this really honest story of the founder of, um, I believe Maxim. I haven't read it in a while, but it's just his honest story of like what it really takes and he's worth like an absorbent amount of money, but like what does it really take to get there? And he just, the honesty in that book is really, it's just a great, great read.

Paul Scherer: How, how did you spend your first salary?

Andrew Gazdecki: I've never had a salary. I worked at Sears for a little bit in high school. Um, and then I had a graphic design job in college. I got fired from that. Um, first I started, so I started a company in college and I guess, uh, I'm trying to think how to answer this question.

Cause I, I've never really had a salary. How did I spend it? Uh, maybe it would just eat, you know, bare minimums.

Paul Scherer: One tweet worth of advice that you would give your 18 year old self.

Andrew Gazdecki: Everything will work itself out.

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Andrew Gazdecki
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Express: What he'd tell his 18yo self (ft. Andrew Gazdecki)
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