Express: You need to do this (ft. Jens Mannanal)

Paul: What was your first dream job as a kid?

Jens Mannanal: I want to be an architect.

Paul: What's your favorite book?

Jens Mannanal: Ooh, my favorite book, it's The Hobbit. To be honest, it was one of the first books I read and it really stuck to me if I had to say. My favorite book is I, I'll choose that now. Probably in another version or episode. Uh, in another podcast, I would pick another book, but for now it's the Hub.

Paul: Love it. How did you spend your first salary?

Jens Mannanal: Wow. My first salary I had in high school and I probably spend it on traveling.

Paul: One tweed worth of advice you would give your 18 year old self.

Jens Mannanal: Do whatever you think makes sense even though it is frighten.

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Jens Mannanal
Jens Mannanal
Co-Founder @ Passionfroot, past: @getyourguide & @bainalerts
Express: You need to do this (ft. Jens Mannanal)
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